A dedicated web-based ordering platform built to support a catering company’s business in homes & office deliveries

The CHallenge
Like many companies during the pandemic time, Pobudka was forced by the situation to change the core business model and start an online ordering system as a chance of returning to the game. Our team was involved in building from scratch the customer platform experience which allows to order meals a few days in advance with home or office delivery.
–  Wireframing
–  UX Design
–  Visual Design
-  Creative Direction
–  Illustrations
Understand to meet the goal
We started from understanding the situation of the client – who was put into that due to the pandemic lockdown. Our main target was people who already trusted the brand and were used to be buying the products every day from couriers coming to their office. Looking off this group, we’ve been targeting new customers happy to find alternatives to the restaurant food.  We've prioritized the simple experience and presenting goods in a way that is outstanding and buying.

Above all of that the main goal we set to turn the client's business on track again – we were doing our best to meet the deadlines and deliver things bringing the business value from the very scratch.
build an experience that scales
On the other side, we didn't skip setting our minds to think about possible growth and retention. We were considering features supporting the client’s business either in post-pandemic times and which can help in the seamless product selling experience.
storytelling through the line
As a part of the creative direction, we agreed to align with the existing brand as well-known by targeted customers. The visual language we proposed runs around the few colors and lines which are telling the story at many different touch-points. Our decision was to keep the key visual on a balanced level. Following the way of simple colors and lines, we introduced a set of comprehensive illustrations.