The top platform for developers to prepare for interviews and for technical recruiters to screen candidates.

The challenge
Coderbyte is a hybrid product helping developers in preparing for coding interviews and improving their skills. On the other side it helps recruiters easily assess candidates before on-site interviews.

Our story started with redesigning the platform for employers and passed also through a complete redesign of the consumers' area. We've been closely working with stakeholders in building the experience based on user's feedback and delivering business values. Besides, our team support Coderbyte in developing their brand and preparing marketing resources.
–  UX Mockups
–  Web Design
–  Creative Direction
–  Marketing Design
–  UI Design
–  Illustrations
recruiters experience
Revamped Coderbyte for Employers is using a a standardized design system working across the entire platform. Our goal was to create a highly engaging, refined solution that empowers usability and accessibility of different features. We adjusted the platform to the end-user desktop and native experience.
COnsumer experience
On the other side, we entirely redesigned Coderbyte for Developers. Our intention was to build a comfortable and elegant space for incoming and existing users to easily start or continue their adventure with coding. We paid a lot of attention to keep standards and accessibility known from previous variations of the platform, giving the same a new modern feeling with enhanced user-experience.
"PDStudio has been amazing to work because aside from producing high-quality work for Coderbyte, we iterate on ideas and designs together efficiently to get to exactly what we need!"
Daniel Borowski – CEO of Coderbyte